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Welcome! I am glad you found us!

I'm Lydia, a Boston native living in Worcester Massachusetts for the past 35 years, building community where ever I go. I love Mah Jongg and believe there are lots of potential Mah Jongg lovers out there who just don't know what they are missing!!

American Mah Jongg entered my life in 2015, but it wasn’t until 2 years later that I admitted to myself just how important my weekly game with my friends had become. Not only did I want more Mah Jongg in my life, but I also was determined to share this great game, this great social experience, with everyone! 

I began to reach out in my community to find others to play with and non-players to teach. It quickly became clear that there were many people who wanted to learn to play Mah Jongg.

Some had watched their mothers or grandmothers play. Others were introduced to the game from movies or books.

Student by student, table by table, the Greater Worcester area Mah Jongg community was growing before my eyes and it continued to grow until early 2020 when the COVID pandemic halted all in-person social events, including, of course, Mah Jongg games.

Throughout 2020, much of the global Mah Jongg community moved to on-line play, and so did I. But it was the social interaction, the building of community, that I deeply missed.

So, as the world slowly reopens, I am also rebooting my efforts to bring Mah Jongg to Central Massachusetts, and in particular, younger players by launching Mah Jongg Next Generation.

I thank you for taking the time to visit this site and read my story. I hope you’ll consider me when deciding on a Mah Jongg teacher. 

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